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| February 18, 2020

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Update: Patrick Monahan - Shooting From the Lip!

Update: Patrick Monahan – Shooting From the Lip!

A little over a month ago we interviewed “Show Me The Funny” winner Patrick Monahan. Since then he’s gone on to complete the last leg of his tour, launched some brand new celebrity guest vlogs and has announced he’ll be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this year.

We asked him how well the last few dates had gone for him on his recent tour and it sounds like fun was had all round.

Pat told us that one bloke at Lullington Cricket club popped off to have a quick wee and didn’t want to queue up for the gents toilets and sneaked into the disabled toilets. The lucky chap got locked in for over 25minutes and the show had to be be put on hold with both staff and audience helping to unscrew the door and pull it off its hinges.

Also, recently at Nottingham, one  lad was out with his girlfriend and friends celebrating his 24th. It just so happened there was a trio of firemen in the audience, with one being a bit of a dab hand at playing the harmonica, and had one with him. Patrick got the birthday boy on stage, sat him on a chair while the fireman with the harmonica played a song for him (and happy birthday), while Patrick and the other 2 firemen did a birthday dance for the lad. He won’t forget that birthday in a while or the image of 3 blokes dancing round his crotch. Sounds like the fire brigade were starting fires rather than putting them out there.
I mentioned Patrick has been releasing various celebrity guest vlogs on his youtube channel so here just a few. You can find the rest over here. A massive budget must have been required to invite such AAA celebrities:


I always said Lady Gaga sang out of tuna…Sorry about that.

As a final note, please be sure to catch Patrick at his Edinburgh Festival show “Shooting From the Lip!”. Tickets are on sale now! He will be there for the whole month giving out hugs.

Just just click HERE if you fancy coming along
And last but definitely not least, don’t forget you can catch Patrick in the brand new movie “The Limelight” which will be available on the 20th of May to stream or download here.


  1. sandra smith

    A great update Howard and you’ve got the lovely Gaga lady vlog there too.I’m laughing as i write this as have just seen her swathed in that plastic bag,looking like she’s lost a large handful of cotton buds while eating some really rancid tuna………… funny.

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