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| February 27, 2020

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Phil Buckley: Simple Things / Stupid World Tour

Phil Buckley: Simple Things / Stupid World Tour

Phil Buckley performed his first solo show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe back in 2007 with ‘Stroke the Panda’. He proved extremely succesful with a number of subsequent tours. The show ‘Jokes Not Included’ was nominated for best solo comedy show at the Buxton Festival Fringe in 2010 and Phil has also found himself a finalist in the ‘City Life Comedian of the Year’ and the Frog and Bucket’s ‘Beat the Frog World Series’.

More recently he has been supporting ‘The Boy With Tape On His Face’ on his spring tour, and has gone down so well that he’s been asked for a repeat performance on the autumn leg of the tour. Before that, Phil will performing not one but two different shows as part of this year’s Edinburgh Free Festival.

The first show ,’Simple Things’ sees Phil looking at the simple things in life that make you “laugh, smile and just plain make you happy”. His second show, ‘Stupid World Tour’ poses the question, is stupidity really a bad idea and can acts of uadulterated foolery truly lead to large amount of happiness?

He was happy to answer a few questions in the build up to this year’s Fringe.

Describe your Edinburgh shows with three adjectives and explain why.

Crazy, stupid & funny. My material is aimed to just make you laugh, it’s not big and it’s not clever, but it is funny.

What is it that makes it so special to perform at the Fringe?

The whole environment during the festival is crazy and you just get swept up in it. I wasn’t going to do it this year, but I got asked to work on another show and it didn’t take much to convince me.

What has been your best moment there?

The last time I went up was in 2010 and the last day of my show was the day after all the big four had stopped doing shows and I expected nobody to be there. I headed to my venue to discover not only did I have an audience, but the room was full and people were being turned away. A great end to what had been a great festival

What was your worst experience there?

The first time I went up to do a show, called ‘Stroke The Panda’. The show was about being single and trying all the different types of dating. The shows were going great until the day I had a reviewer in. I knew she was there and was trying to ignore her when I did a joke about it being really hard to meet a girl in Salford because if you want to talk to her you first have to step through her earrings. The line got a huge reaction so I turned to look at the reviewer only to realize she had the biggest hoop earrings I’d ever seen.

Have your preview shows gone to plan?

They went really well. As always, you come away with bits you need to tighten, but the show has been really well received.

Have you had to change much of the material since your preview shows?

Not a huge amount, it just needed tightening up and making a lot quicker

What will be the first thing you do when you get to Edinburgh?

First thing is always to head to City Restaurant for a breakfast. It’s not Edinburgh without a Maxi Breakfast.

Which acts will you be catching there?

The Boy With Tape On His Face is a genius and can’t wait to see it take over Edinburgh.

What is the first thing you will do as soon as the festival is over?

Sleep. It’s a really long month and I’ll need lots of sleep and fruit.

Why should people go and see your show?

It’s funny. I like to look at the world in a fun friendly way and my shows invite the audience in to my world.

‘Simple Things’

Date: 2-26th August

Venue: Venue 170 – The Lounge @ The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DD

Show time: 1415 (60mins)

Ticket price: Free Show

‘Stupid World Tour’

Date: 2-26th August

Venue: Venue 272 – The Yurt Locker @ The Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JS

Show time: 1915 (60mins)

Ticket price: Free Show

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