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| February 21, 2020

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Interview with Ray Addison: Big In Dubai!

Interview with Ray Addison: Big In Dubai!

Four Dubai based comedians will be flying in to perform their show ‘Big in Dubai’ at the Fringe this year. Expect 40% more laughs as none of them pay tax.
Host Mina Liccione (MTV, Broadway) will be joined on stage by fellow stand up comedians Ray Addison, Jamie Johnson and Ali Al Sayed, to bring us the first ever United Arab Emirates produced comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival.
Hot on the heels of their Dubai send off preview show (the biggest turn out for a local comedy gig to date) one quarter of the team, Ray Addison, was happy to answer a few questions for us.

Describe your Edinburgh show with three adjectives and explain why.

Eager – we’re the first UAE produced comedy show to debut at the Fringe. We’ve got a lot to say.
Vast – it’s the collected experiences of 4 very different people with different backgrounds. Two Brits, a Yank and an Arab. All crammed in to 60 minutes!
Distinct – you won’t see another show like this at the fringe because this is a first!

What is it that makes it so special to perform at the Fringe?

The history.
The acts that have appeared there.
The careers that have been made over the years.

What has been your best moment there?

I just love the excitement of the place. Nothing beats an opening night, even that first day of flyering is exciting.

What was your worst experience there?

I first appeared there when I was 12 years old in the chorus line of a terrible play called Frontiers. We had to stop having an intermission to prevent the audiences from leaving. I’m hoping this show will be better.

Have your preview shows gone to plan?

We held our preview show in Dubai in front of a packed crowd of 400 people. It was a great night and the biggest comedy show ever staged in Dubai without flying in an international act.

Have you had to change much of the material since your preview shows?

We get an international audience in Dubai and there is an international audience in Edinburgh. Some references obviously have had to change but comedy is universal.

What will be the first thing you do when you get to Edinburgh?

Check into the hostel. Help set up the venue. Pick up posters and flyers, then I have a gig in the afternoon.

Which acts will you be catching there?

Gotta see Stewart Lee and Rhys Darby. Must avoid Mark Little.

What is the first thing you will do as soon as the festival is over?

Fly back to Dubai and carry on gigging.

Why should people go and see your show?

Seeing all 4 acts in Big in Dubai would normally cost you 700 pounds because you’d have to fly to Dubai to do it. We bring the show to you, and it’s free!

You can catch ‘Big in Dubia’ at GHQ, from 4-11 August, at 19:35.

All information available on the Fringe site.

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