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| February 27, 2020

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Joel Dommett: Nunchuck Silver Medalist 2002

Joel Dommett: Nunchuck Silver Medalist 2002

[Featured image courtesy of Idil Sukan]

Do you like MTV? Do you like comedy? Can you stomach the news? If so, you’ve probably heard of Joel Dommett. If not, what are you doing with your life?! Oh, a job and responsibility, right…

It’s the time of year when funny folk make their way north of the smoke to a lovely little Scottish location called Edinburgh. Even the heavy-weights don’t turn their noses up at the fringe. It is the mecca of comedy. And Joel Dommett  is one of those with his nose firmly in the business of being there (at the fringe).

He’s the kind of guy you want at a party, as long as you didn’t invite relatives. The kind of guy who tells you to look on the bright side at 2AM when your light-bulb has blown. The kind of guy you want to laugh at.

He has a new show. It’s going to be worth watching. It’s going to be worth watching twice. And what better way to get a teaser of what is in store than to read yet another one of our fantastic articles?! Joel informs us that he’s happily single, has spent time recently talking to Muppets (literally) and the things he’d do if Denzel Washington requested them…

Oh, and if your easily offended… good.

It’s what Joel would want.

Hi Joel. How is it going? Are you okay?

I’m fine, thanks for asking. It’s nice to be back in Edinburgh with its bipolar weather and cobbled streets. I’m scared about my show this year yet super excited. Kinda like going down the slide when you have been in a plane crash in the sea.

Words like ‘lazy’ and ‘lonely’ pop up quite a few times in your website bio. But the word on the street is you do more gigs in a year than there are days? How do you maintain your energy?

It’s generally because I have nothing to do that isn’t comedy related to sap this energy vat of mine. I have no social life or girlfriend so I might as well gig every night and work every day. I am pretty sure I will be 40 and very lonely. But I shall masturbate while throwing all my money into the air daily to make up for it.

You surely can’t be lonely. And if so, don’t women love a man who can make them laugh? Tell us a story about when comedy has gotten you something you wanted (other than one of your many awards).

It has made me meet a lot of heroes… I interviewed the Muppets the other day. It was the highlight of my adult life. I have never been so nervous for an interview ever. And I have interviewed The Bieber (apparently you have to put a capital letter on ‘The’ before ‘Bieber’ now like ‘The Lord’)

You’ve had a few acting roles and are the new presenter for the news on MTV. What’s it like being on the telly? Is it just like ‘extras’ makes it out to be?

Not really… And as a comedian no matter how diva-ish you become during a daytime filming, a comedy club at night is perfect to make you feel down to earth again. The other day I interviewed Denzel Washington and it was incredible that a few hours later I was on stage and a man shouted ‘get your tits out’ before I managed to get to the mic on stage. I didn’t do it. But if Denzel asked I probably would have.

Nunchuck Silver Medalist 2002 is the name of your latest show which is being performed in Edinburgh throughout August. Will you be demonstrating your skills as a martial artist? Will I get hurt?

I might be… You will have to watch and see! You definitely won’t get hurt (probably).

What is the most inappropriate joke you’ve ever told and what was the response?

I recently was recording a TV pilot where we had to rate songs, and talk about whether we thought it was going to be a hit or not. I was alongside Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters, Professor Green and this producer lady on the panel… They all evaluated this track by D’banj, an African artist who is the most popular African singer ever. They loved it. I thought it was terrible and said “just because something is massive in Africa it doesn’t mean it is going to be big here… just look at Aids”. The audience laughed at the same time as oooohhing at the same time as clapping. I looked at Jake Shears and he looked very disappointed.

You just finished filming for a new 6 part series ‘How to Survive a Disaster Movie’ which will be on Channel 5 in October. How would you personally survive if say, Godzilla made his way to London…

I would go to Edinburgh and watch London burn. Like I did last year while the riots were happening.

There will be many people and many shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival. Barring ‘come and see my show’ what advice would you give to someone who hasn’t been?

Split your time between three types of show: one that you know you will like, for instance someone you’ve seen on TV. The second should be someone that has been recommended to you; and the third should be punt on someone you get given a flyer from. This is a way of fully experiencing Edinburgh festival without coming home seeing all shit or all Michael Mcintyre.

Thanks Joel. Give Bruce Lee a run for his money! Nunchuck Silver Medalist 2002 can be seen in the  Pleasance Courtyard at Attic throughout August. I’d bring a helmet. And a sewing kit, because you’re guaranteed to be in stitches by the end of the evening.

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