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| February 27, 2020

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Chris Martin: Spot The Difference

Chris Martin: Spot The Difference

[Featured image courtesy of Jonnie Malachi]

Why are we here? What happens after we die? What is the meaning of life?

These are just a few of the questions you definitely won’t get answers to if you go and see Chris Martin‘s new show ‘Spot the Difference’. And thank god for that (who may or may not exist).

Actually, Chris’ new show will make you question the things you have come to accept as normal. How you judge and are judged, are things you’ve come to accept as important really that important and winding up wild-life: not as easy as you’d assume.

In an age where there is daily emphasis on economic struggle, political pressure, terrorism in all forms and whether or not your new jeans make your arse look as good as nature intended, I think we could all do with a break and some light hearted entertainment. The kind that makes you go ‘hey I’ve never thought of it like that!’, and that break, ladies and gentlemen, comes in the form of Chris Martin, a regular Peter Ian Steaker (initialise the first 2 names to reveal hilarious added PPSF content).

He’s a man who says what’s on his mind, and, in a roundabout manner he says what’s on your mind too, even if you didn’t realise it.

Oh, and if your wife leaves you and you lose your job and the house, steer clear of him. If you know what’s good for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Martin (applause)…

Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. So my first question is: why would you want to wind up a squirrel?

It’s not that I want to. Or that I would want to. It’s just that I have a lot of time on my hands and I moved into a flat with a garden so naturally I thought I’d see what happened if I messed with it’s head. This slightly backfired. I’ll reveal how at my show.

I ask because it’s a theme in your new Edinburgh Festival show ‘Spot the Difference’. Tell us a bit about what else is in store…

It’s about how pointless my life is but also how pointless the things people judge you on are in 2012 and whether this is a good or a bad thing.

You’re a new comic gathering acclaim, and words like ‘comic genius’ are being used to describe you. How does that feel?

Haha. I don’t know who said that but I think they may have been slightly over-doing it. I just enjoy saying the silly thoughts in my head out loud and hope the audience enjoy that too.

The topics for your jokes seem to be just common everyday things. And yet you still manage to bring down the house! Explain to us how a joke comes together, from inspiration to the stage.

There is no real hard and fast rule. Sometimes I sit around trying to write and think but sometimes an idea will come to you when you walk around the shops or sit on a train or often on stage. You only really know how to make something funny when you’re in front of an audience.

For obvious reasons (which will not be mentioned!), do you wish you had a different name?

Nah. I like a challenge. It gives me the goal of becoming more famous that the other guy.

You have a monthly podcast with Carl Donnelly. But my Ipod is running out of space! Why should I put your show on, and take off my Duran Duran compilation?

If you like 2 men talking utter nonsense, mainly about knobs, movies, ice cream and lovely strangers then get it on there. If you like 80s bangers then don’t bother!

So you have a lot going for you, and it seems like any fan of comedy would do well to make their way down to your new show. How do you hope people will feel when leaving?

I hope I’ve completely made them re-assess their existence…or more likely made them laugh for an hour and hope they’ll go off seeing everyday things in a different light.

My wife has just left me, I got sacked from my job and my car has failed its MOT, and I’m your mate. How would you cheer me up?

I would probably just take the piss out of your misfortune. It’s the best way to deal with it. Maybe I’d give you an awkward hug but I would pleasure you as some sort of temporary wife replacement.

Thanks Chris, I feel a lot better. We wish you all the best for the future.

Readers, be sure to make your way down to The Gilded Balloon at The Balcony, 13 Bristo Square to see ‘Spot The Difference’. And it costs half of a tenner so take a mate.

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