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| December 15, 2019

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Daniel Simonsen - I Don't Want Respect. I Want to Learn How to be a Comedian.

Daniel Simonsen – I Don’t Want Respect. I Want to Learn How to be a Comedian.
Jake Taylor

This year’s Fosters award for ‘Best Newcomer 2012’ went to Daniel Simonsen. He’s a bloke, and he’s from Norway.

I’ve seen Daniel perform (and performed alongside him!) countless times and he was one of the first comedians I met on the London comedy circuit that really had my guts busting. He’s got his own way of doing things, very much like Mitch Hedberg, you blink and you miss them but you still laugh and you’re not sure why. He’s just funny with his idiosyncrasies, his facial expressions, his dry delivery and stern face that just keep you laughing and wanting more. Set-up, punch. Set-up, punch. Story, set-up, punch (is roughly how he does things). He was invited to tour alongside Simon Amstel where he learned much about honing his art. He’s also been on Russell Howard’s Good News. It would appear that if you know what funny is, you know to listen to Daniel Simonsen talk. So we had a chat with him, and he’s my mate, so he was really enthusiastic about doing it! This is what he said…

Dan! Fringe Newcomer award for 2012. How does it feel to finally get some goddamned respect?

Actually it’s freaking me out and I don’t want respect, I want to learn how to be a comedian!

Onwards and upwards! What’s next, how are you going to reach stardom?

The next step is to try to learn how to do stand-up properly. The only thing I want really is to be good at the craft. Like when I hear a great rapper and it gives me goosebumps. It’s all about the art man.

If you weren’t doing comedy, what else would you be doing? Back to your job dressed as a tooth?

Yes I would probably be dressed as a tooth, or a banana. As long as I don’t work in marketing its cool. I used to carry urine samples for a while, and working in marketing was actually worse than carrying piss.

Do you find your sense of humour helps when wooing a lady?

Not really. I am usually angry when I talk to a lady.. because I find it frustrating how hot they are!

Where in the world has comedy taken you? Tell us about your roots too…

Roots? Like Roots Manuva?!!! Oh lol. My mum is Norwegian and my dad is from Chile. I have performed in England, Norway, France and New York.

Okay so a hypothetical one for you – You’ve been given 20 million to make a movie. Who is in it, and what’s it about?

It would definitely be Batman 4. The Dark Knight comes back from vacation in Spain, which would be the title. Then, Benicio Del Toro is in it as a cop and Eminem plays the villain. Soundtrack produced by EL-P. Maybe I could play Christian Bale’s neighbour. Just some uptight guy who comes over one day and asks him to turn down the music.

How was your tour with Simon Amstel earlier in the year? Learn much?

Yeah, it was great and it was scary. It was a big learning curve. Watching Simon every night I learned loads. The dude is great at what he does.

And finally, any words of advice for aspiring comedians out there who may want to follow in your footsteps?

Try to not take it too seriously. Everything matters less than you think it does in the long run. The more you live your life the more ideas you will get, I think. But I wish Louis CK could give ME some advice!

Daniel’s quite the busy chap and you can catch him all over the UK over the next few months. Ticket details can be found here.

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