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| February 18, 2020

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Comedy Chords is Live. A Warm Welcome From NewsLeak

NewsLeak Warmly Welcomes You
Howard Gorman

Well, after the long slog this week we’d like to welcome all our old friends from PPSF and all the new friends we’ve been making over the last couple of weeks on Facebook and Twitter to the brand new site. Although we have imported quite a bit of content from the old site to show you exactly what you can expect here, we thought the best way to inaugurate Comedy Chords had to be with one of our favourite sections, NEWSLEAK.

This is a show we created where anyone can help out by sending gags or even recording reporter style spoof videos to be included. This time round we’ll be releasing the show once every two weeks to give us a bit more time to prepare everything. So, welcome everyone and let’s get on with this week’s NewsLeak.

Anyone wishing to contribute in any shape or form, please send us your suggestions, scripts, videos etc. to

You can keep up with all the latest 100% rock solid news stories on twitter.

You will also find all the sordid details in the comedy section of our forums.

Should you have any queries as to how to get involved or what to submit please contact us either via the contact form or on Twitter and we’ll get right back to you.


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