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| December 15, 2019

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May I Kill U? Star Hayley-Marie Axe Reveals All

May I Kill U? Star Hayley-Marie Axe Reveals All
Ashley Norris

In today’s new cinema release, we chat to Hayley-Marie Axe who plays Val in new British black-comedy ‘May I Kill U?’ Although you may not have seen her on the screen that much as she’s mostly been in theatre, keep watching an actress who has tipped to be an up-and-comer with an insatiable love of acting. Hayley-Marie is also a virally successful actress in a few online web shows that have proven to be quite successful in America which is a clever way to globalise herself.

We were lucky enough to have the pleasure to talk to Hayley-Marie about how her dedication to the character carries over when we talk to her about film, curtains and becoming a serial killer.

What got you into acting? For many it’s accidental, others a passion from the start; which was it for you and where did it really start?

I am an only child so when I was young I used to get all the kids on my street to my house to put on a play, we would pinch my mum’s curtains and sheets and make our own stage and then invite all the parents. I was writing, directing and acting in my own plays when I was five so I think it was the natural career choice. My mum wasn’t too impressed when she found her new curtains hooked up outside on the drainpipe though!

What was it like to move from the theatre to film? Was it an easy transition?

If anything I have always felt more at home in front of a camera, so I really enjoyed it.

Do you prefer one or the other or are they too different to compare?

I love them both for different reasons; in essence they are the same if you really get into the character you are playing- you may have to alter the way you get that character across, but you still have to put yourself in your characters shoes whether it’s a live audience in front of you or a camera.

In the film, your character has a very clear set of morals in theory which are different when put into motion; would you say you agree with the views that you were discussing with Kevin Bishop’s character?

I wouldn’t necessarily say Capital punishment should be fully brought back in, but as Val would say “It depends on the crime”.

Do you have any possible projects in the future that you can tell us about?

I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline so watch this space!

I am currently playing a gladiator in a web action series called The Fail-Safe Sisters.

Anything you’d like to do in particular?

Travel lots more, if I had the time and the money rescue more animals. In the acting world I want to keep playing interesting and exciting characters that challenge me.

What would your dream casting be – in theatre on in film?

I would love to create an iconic character of my own in either a TV Series or film. At the moment I am loving action roles, so something that incorporates that as well as having great storylines would be great.

Finally, in the spirit of the film, could you ever become a serial killer for the good of London? 

If they gave me a cat suit and a side-kick maybe.

You heard her, go follow her gladiatorial web-series on but more than that go see her in May I Kill U? which is out in cinemas today. Hayley-Marie Axe’s role of Val is probably one of the best things about the film, sparking a real chemistry with the lead Kevin Bishop and having interesting discussions about the morality of crime, she is definitely a highlight of the film.


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