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| November 12, 2019

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Jimeoin Interview: "I could almost do an entire show on eyebrows."

Jimeoin Interview: “I could almost do an entire show on eyebrows.”
Rick Murtagh

Jimeoin fans will be well aware of his particularly singular breed of comedy and unwonted skill for turning the seemingly mundane into something of a revelation. His uncanny with has thrust him into the limelight, making him the highly sought comedian he is today all around the world. Boasting a severely long list of TV credits you will more likely than not have seen him on the likes of Just For Laughs, Good News Week, Live at the Apollo and a plethora more. We don’t know how he managed to fit us in but he did and we had a good old chinwag with the chap…

So what can we expect from your touring show ‘What?!’?


You’re taking the show around the UK and Australia throughout the year. We always hear differences between British and American audiences but is there a difference between British and Australian audiences? You seem to have such a great rapport with both.

‘People are people…’ Damn, I can’t remember the rest of the words. To tell the truth, there is more of a difference between Monday and Friday than which country.

You’re routine on ‘Eyebrows’ is incredible. To be able to get huge laughs from a simple idea is what I’m sure most comics strive for. Do ideas like that just come to you or are they heavily thought out… or both?

That actually occurred to me on stage. Someone shouted fire once and I said that is always eyebrows up and it went from there. I could almost do an entire show on eyebrows.

What was the first bit of material you wrote where you found yourself thinking ‘I’ve got something here.’ Something you knew a crowd would get behind?

Well, I did this thing about cockroaches in Australia, which is where I started stand up and where I live. It got a really big laugh and I just felt it was different from what other stand ups were talking about and it was above all stuff that I found funny.

I can’t imagine a Jimeoin gig where no one is laughing but everyone has their fair share of misfortunes on stage. When was your last awkward silence? Do/did you ever find it hard to come back from something like that?

Nothing specific if I’m totally honest. A period of death on stage is just something all comics have to go though and deal with. It’s all part of learning the business.

At this stage in your career do you still get many hecklers? If so, do you try to deal with them or move on as quickly as possible?

Hecklers are never a dying breed but thankfully they are mostly positive and want the night to be good. We’re talking seriously small numbers of negative hecklers.

You were team captain on the tv panel show ”Monumental” recently. Can we expect you on any more shows this year? Maybe you’re own show?

Love to. This is by far the best way of getting known here in the UK and getting a crowd at your gigs, which at the end of the day is what it’s all about, is it not?

Right now Jimeoin is getting ready for the Adelaide Fringe but he’ll be back over here in the bat of an eyelid for a full UK tour starting on the 18th of April at the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkaldy. All dates and venues can be found here.

Keep up with Jimeoin over on Facebook and Twitter.

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