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| February 21, 2020

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Deborah Craig

Award winning Josh Widdicombe, currently enjoying success on on Channel 4’s The Last Leg with Adam Hills, once again displays his gag-driven talent as he delivers another solid stand-up performance at the Glasgow Stand on the 18th March.

Support was provided by the impeccable Suzi Ruffell, an absolutely hysterical comedienne who evidently has no problem whatsoever in getting the audience geared up not just for the next act but also for her next gag. Ruffell warmed the crowd up to perfection and surely it won’t be long before she’ll attain headliner status, for which I’ll be reserving a ticket on day one.

As soon as the wheels started turning everyone was certain they were in for a good night’s entertainment. Both Ruffell and Widdicombe came across as just being so up for the gig. With a slightly silent start, Ruffell took to the stage and both her confidence and enthusiasm shone straight through and the aforementioned silence swiftly evolved into total laughter.

After Ruffell, out came Widdicombe and the crowd went wild. As always, he delivered a spot on performance, and he excels when it comes to audience collaboration and participation dealing with quite the adroit subject matter ranging from “Coco Pops” and ” New Kids on the Block”.

Considering this chap has only been at this trade since 2008 he had all the tools to make it a truly special night. Even just little inklings added to his humour such as the way he talked, the way he got the audience involved, right down to his cute little laugh. His timing and mannerisms are either in his genes of he has everything thought out to a tee. Most likely a bit of both if you ask me.

In short, it’s clear that these two ‘new’ comics have travelled wide and far and it’s paid off and these are only the early days. Despite Widdicome’s take on more adroit subjects it’s surprisingly accesible with very few lull moments throughout his routine ensure that you’ll most likely find yourself laughing at the idiosyncracies of the quotidian world as explored by this budding bemused comedian.

Watch out UK! Remember these two names although within a few months it will be hard not to forget them.

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