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| November 14, 2019

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Mok - A Lesson in Live

Mok – A Lesson in Live
Hayley Kilhams

Six piece band Mok are set for the release of their second single ‘Rufio’ and if you haven’t been lucky enough to catch one of their high energy live performances then….well why not? Fronted by a female vocalist and male rapper, their unique blend of Pop, Rap and Dance music established them on the festival circuit last year with their first single ‘Hey’. After solid support slots with Dizzee Rascal, Professor Green, Reverend and the Makers and Stooshe, it’s time to take over the stage and make their mark. I caught up with Mok before their single release this Saturday 30th March at The Haunt, Brighton to ask them a few quick fire questions………….

So how did you guys meet and form?

We have always been close friends since school but had also been making music independently on separate projects, until a couple of summers ago when we had a break and decided to start a project together for the first time, and have been gigging ever since.

How did the name come about?

Originally it was our rappers graffiti tag which evolved in to a nickname, then when we were looking for a name for the band we wanted something short, sharp and snappy and it just fit nicely.

For those unlucky people not initiated in the ways of Mok, how would you describe your musical style?

Well, we put Pop/Rap/Dance on our bio but it’s a blend of all types of influences really, we’ve always found it hard to pin point a particular style.

Who are your influences?

Being 6 members we have a wide range of influences ranging from Led Zeppelin, Danny Brown, Etta Bond and Prodigy.

Describe your ideal venue? Stadium, living room or train carriage?

Main – Stage Glastonbury Saturday night, your mates living room but give us our instruments and we’ll pretty much play anywhere!

After the single, have you got plans for an album/ep?

No not yet, we are just focusing on making quality singles at the moment and making sure that each one can always out do the last. And shows lots of shows!

Where can people see you live? Future gigs/tour?

We are always playing around Brighton and London, but we have the launch party for our new single coming up on Saturday 30th of March at The Haunt in Brighton. We also have our London single launch on the 6th of April at The Underbelly, Hoxton and we’ve got a lot other great Brighton shows lined up after that too, so keep an eye on the Facebook.

Thanks guys and good luck for Saturday……..not that you need it.

The band’s debut single ‘HEY’ is out now and available here.

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