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| September 17, 2019

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Ginger Ale Comedy - Doing It For The Kids

Ginger Ale Comedy – Doing It For The Kids
Thomas Black
  • On March 29, 2013

Comedian Chris Stephen has teamed up with trained theatre technician Debbie Overell, to become Ginger Ale Comedy, a non-profit organisation committed to showcasing new comic talent and promoting live comedy in Scotland. The last weekend of the 2013 Glasgow International Comedy Festival sees Ginger Ale complete a Glasgow Festival first “At this year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival, we are attempting one of the biggest undertakings the city has ever seen… Ginger Ale Comedy is doing a Round-the-Clock Comedy Roadshow in order to raise money for Clyde Cash4Kids, with shows scattered throughout many of Glasgow’s biggest venues. We will perform 14 consecutive shows over 2 days, and all for charity! We will showcase some of Scotland’s finest performers, ventriloquists, improvisers and stand-up comedians, and joining us to prove their mettle we have elite up-and-coming comedians, who have been performing for many years and are already veterans of The Stand, Gilded Balloon, the Edinburgh Fringe and have been a part of Scottish Comedian of the Year, plus guest acts from all corners of the globe!”  – Chris Stephen March 2013

Tickets for the paid venues will be on sale very soon through TicketSoup. We also have ticket packages throughout the weekend, this will include special offers from selected venues. For eg. 25% off the food bill, cheap food/drink offers and many more. These packages will be on sale through TicketSoup, starting from £15 to £25.

Here is the schedule… Keep an eye out for your favourite Comedy Chords writer….


11am – 1pm: Round The Clock…Kick-off! – Eurohostel, Clyde Street: MC – Edward Whitely

Ian White, Robert Starr, Dan Petherbridge, Paul McDaniel, Gareth Mutch, Ray Fordyce

Headliner: Andrew Learmonth

12pm – 2pm: Round the Clock Comedy…On the Rox – The Roxy 171, Great Western Rd : MC – Wray Thomson

 Leona Irvine, Kyle Monaghan, Tom McGinn, Craig Johnstone, Jay Miles, Jonny Thomson

Headliner: Rik Carranza

2pm – 3pm:  Round the Clock Comedy…Chuckle Warrior – Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, Sauchiehall Street: Pearse James – One Man Show

3pm – 5pm:  Round the Clock Comedy…Red Card on Deck – The Admiral Bar, Waterloo Street: MC – Martin Bearne

John Purves, Les Sinclair, Patrick Muholland, Ian Pollock, Bambi, Scott Hunter

Headliner: Vladimir McTavish

5pm – 7pm:  Round the Clock Comedy…Three For Free – Grovesnor Café, Ashton Lane: MC – Chris Stephen

Jay Miles, Gen Cytko, Billy Mac

7pm – 9pm:  Round the Clock Comedy…The Sound of Scotland – O’Neills, Sauchiehall Street: MC – Anna Devitt

Harry Garrison, Jimmy Bread and his Invisibe Band, Ed Whitely, Daniel Webster, Perry Mingle

Headliner: Jim The Hobbit + Co

9.30pm – 11.30pm: Saturday at the State –  The State Bar, Holland St – – Full line up available soon.


8am – 10am: Round the Clock Comedy…Pop-Up – No.1 Chocolate Factory, St. George’s Road – Full line up available soon

11am – 1pm: Round the Clock Comedy…Second Round – Eurohostel, Clyde Street: MC – Les Sinclair

Sandy Woods, Rik Carranza, Jamie Rolland, John Walker, Davy Mitchell, Sara Hunter, Gerry McKelvie

Headliner: Craig Johnstone

1pm – 3pm: Round the Clock Comedy…Corinthian ‘Chris-ino’ – The Corinthian, Ingram St: MC – Geoff ‘Chris’ Gawler

Chris ‘Tiffer’ Robertson, Chris Stephen, Chris Griffin, Chris Thorburn

Headliner: Chris Dinwoodie

3pm – 5pm: Round the Clock Comedy…Improv Kombat – The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane: Wildly Unprepared vs Imaginary Friends

5pm – 6pm: Round the Clock Comedy…Here Come the Girls – Vespbar, Drury Lane: MC – Julia Sutherland

Anna Devitt, Jane Walker, Gen Cytko

6:30pm – 8pm: Round the Clock Comedy…Ahoy! – The Tall Ship, Pointhouse Road: MC – Rod Hunter

Thomas Stott, Ross McGlashin, Scott Jeffery, Thomas Black(@comedythomas), Kev Duckworth

Headliner – Chris Henry

8:30pm – 11:00pm: Ginger Ale Comedy @ The Griffin – The Griffin Bar, Bath Street:

MC – Billy Kirkwood

Ray Zambino, Nev, Frazer Letham, Robin Valo, Wray Thomson, Chris Griffin, Allan Park, Eddie Cassidy

Headliner: Obie

*all line-ups are subject to change*

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