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| February 18, 2020

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Rich Fulcher Talks Tiny Acts, Boosh Movie Rumours and Penning a Pilot

Rich Fulcher Talks Tiny Acts, Boosh Movie Rumours and Penning a Pilot
Thomas Black
The Mighty Boosh and Snuff Box star Rich Fulcher returns to Melbourne to teach us all an ultimate life lesson in how to stick it to the man…in tiny ways.  I caught up with Rich to discuss his “Demon Seed” and we discover he is paid in…. PONIES. As well as my big mouth getting me my own “Tiny Acts” challenge we also talked about those Mighty Boosh Movie rumours although they unfortunately remained exactly that……..RUMOURS.

Thanks for speaking with me today Rich. You’re best known for your roles as the apple thief in an episode of Adventure Time and Mike Myers body double in Wayne’s World. What else have you been up to?Well I just did a ‘Drunk History’ episode for Comedy Central, where I told a story about Lincoln after downing 7 margaritas. Originally Funny or Die submitted a short film version of the show for the Sundance Film Festival where it went on to win the Short Filmmaking Jury Prize and subsequently went from an online show to being picked up by Comedy Central with the likes of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay as executive producers.So you’re taking your show “Tiny acts of Rebellion”, based on your book of the same name, to Melbourne, tell us about the show?The show is like one of those shows where I present the show in a show-like atmosphere if you get what I mean. Which you do right?You’ve been touring this show for a few years now, how do you pull off keeping it fresh?It’s quite simple really. Every time I do ‘Tiny Acts’ I get a brand new pony.Right so you’ve been sponsored by Tesco for your latest tour I take it.Your a regular on the improv circuit too. How does it differ from doing pre-written material, side from the obvious fact that you don’t have any pre-written material?

Improv is like sports – after it’s over you celebrate and forget about it. With written stuff, it’s always gnawing at you like a demon seed.

Have you came out (as a comedian) to your family yet?

Ha. Yes. They are okay with it, especially when I’m on the late night talk shows.

Surely you can give us some sort of update regarding all the Mighty Boosh movie rumours by now?

It’s quite funny you should say that actually. It is definitely still a rumour.

You’ve got a movie named Joe Dick coming out this year. What’s that all about?

Well it’s a movie I actually did years ago where I play the head of a tobacco company….I think. So long ago now I can’t really remember.

And what happened with Snuff Box? Considering its cult status and some of the “comedy” on BBC 3 these days surely its time for a comeback?

BBC 3 is a different channel now but we are still hoping to bring this back at some stage…..perhaps we could sort something out in the States. We did in fact write a script about us being Victorian detectives but for some reason it didn’t get picked up.

So you’re doing Melbourne soon but what have you got planned after that?

Well I’m headed off to L.A. and what I can say is that I’m currently writing a pilot with Matt Besser (Reno 911!, Parks and Recreation) for IFC which we both plan to star in.

Finally, what tiny act of rebellion can I do to stick it to the man today? I’ll tweet you the result!

Go to a clothing store with lots of fawning store clerks and say, ‘May I help you’. Watch the hilarity ensue…

It’s virtually impossible to overthrow dictators but with the use of videos, audience experiments and petrified yoghurt cups, Rich teaches us the methods by which to fight the madness by just being ourselves. So we may not be able to overthrow governments, but at least we can flip off our waiter behind the menu. His latest show is adapted from this hugely popular book ‘Tiny Acts’ which debuted at Parliament Square, London when a flash-mob of 90 rain-drenched followers flipped off Big Benand headed home.

Note: this show is not for people who look like buried jars or llama jerky.

For all show dates and tickets visit the festival site here.

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