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| February 19, 2020

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Joe Lycett: “I just want to overthrow some governments”

Joe Lycett: “I just want to overthrow some governments”
Sofie Hagen
  • On April 8, 2013

Despite just being 24 years old, Joe Lycett has already been all over your TV. He has done Celebrity Juice, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 cats and the BBC One show Epic Win. He has only been doing comedy for five years and success came quickly – within the first year, he won the Chortle Student Award in 2009 but Joe still doesn’t feel like he has come that far.

“I hope I haven’t done everything, cause then I’ll have nothing else to do. I’ve done 1% of what I’d like to do. I’ve been very fortunate.”

Joe still only has 1 hour and 20 minutes of material he is really satisfied with. The quick exposure did not even startle him as much as it could have, “I was as prepared as I could be. I don’t think you’re ever prepared. I still don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want to do too much or get carried away too quickly. What grows quickly, you can’t make straight. ”

When it comes to the negative consequences of being on TV, Joe has his own way of handling it, “I don’t search for my own name, because that would be ridiculous. I don’t really check Twitter either, but you have to be able to filter the shit you get. I’m trying really hard to maintain a core of what it’s like to be me. But then again, I still don’t know what it is to be me.”

To improve you have to write, explains Joe. It’s the number one rule of becoming a better comedian, “I love and hate the process of writing. It’s important to constantly try to look at the world in a unique way. It’s really hard, because most of the time I just want to lie down, eat food, get pissed. I really like getting pissed.”

“I gig a lot and I do try to write a lot. I don’t like to be idle. I love sleeping and napping, but I need to do stuff in the evening. I guess I do have a good work ethic, but not in comparison to people like Sarah Millican. I don’t know how she does it.”

Joe Lycett can easily imagine still doing comedy when he turns 40. “I’m probably dead,” he says and smiles a wry smile, “I’d probably do stand-up more controlled. 2-3 gigs a week instead of 6-7. If you do anything a lot, it can become draining. I’d love to do films. I’d also like to have a partner and kids. The one thing I want to do is lots of things, you know? The key to life is to have a variety of things to do. That is what excites me. Overthrow some governments, learn to fly a plane and learn to play a piano. Fire a gun. There is loads of things I want to do.”

Joe is an openly bisexual man and talks about it on stage, “I’m not a political comedian on stage, but I am on Twitter. There are too many people who know more about it than I do. However, I am a human and I have opinions. Especially about the way the government runs our country. It seems as if there hasn’t been put much thought into it. But I feel I am much more capable of talking about bisexuality. Gay men are often just seen as camp and frivolous and lesbians are just in general underrepresented. Bisexuality is not at all represented – a lot of people, also gay people, think that it doesn’t even exist. I think it’s very interesting. I’d like to show people that things aren’t as they think they are.”

He started out with Chris Ramsey and Jack Whitehall, who have also achieved a lot of great things very quickly. Joe is humbled, “I sometimes feel guilty that I am being gifted with some wonderful opportunities because there might be someone that has been going for 20 years who is brilliant and maybe he should have had that opportunity. But I’m not going to turn it down. I’ll cling to it!” he laughs.

You can catch Joe Lycett on the 11th of April where he’ll be hosting Joe Lycett and Friends, presented as part of the Solihull Comedy Festival with Janice Conolly aka Barbara Nice, Gary Delaney, Lucy Beaumont, Tom Deacon and Sara Pascoe.

You can see where else he’s performing on his website.

Or follow him on Twitter @joelycett

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