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| January 27, 2020

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Bastille Live Review - Flawless (Brighton Concorde 2)

Bastille Live Review – Flawless (Brighton Concorde 2)
Hayley Kilhams

The unexpected pressure of a meteoric rise or a highly successful debut album might be enough to make some bands quiver in their live boots but not Bastille who hit the Concorde 2 in Brighton with the kind of multi-layered skill of a band secure in their talents.

With ‘Bad Blood’ scaling the album charts and their names circulating into the mainstream, the weight of expectation was heavy.  How did they manage this test of musical resolve? Well for a start they had not one but two highly talented supports in the form of The Ramona Flowers and To Kill A King – worthy headliners in their own right. When their turn came, the crowd were treated to an energetic, faultless performance of songs from the album interjected with some fun nineties dance covers. Heavy percussive tunes encouraged the audience to participate in an almost tribal unity, whilst sombrely held notes of quiet provocation conveyed fragile and often dark lyrics. With richly layered choral sounds and electronica conveying the depth and breadth of their composition ability, it’s clear to see how quickly they have caught the eyes and ears of the music pundits. When the tempo lifted – so did the crowd and by the encore of ‘Flaws’ it was clear that Bastille’s creator, Dan Smith, had everyone in the palm of his hand. Uncontrived and breaking with conformist pop, it was refreshing to see that the live performance upheld any recorded offering the band have produced . This strength of performance outside the studio surely makes them all round contenders for any future accolades….

Here’s a video of Bastille performing Pompeii at the opening of The British Museum’s Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition.

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