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| October 20, 2019

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The Scandinavian Invasion of London

The Scandinavian Invasion of London
Sofie Hagen
  • On June 1, 2013

Daniel Simonsen, Magnus Betnér, Fredrik Andersson, Tobias Persson, Evelyn Mok and myself. The UK comedy circuit is currently being flooded with comedians from Scandinavia coming over to make a living. I am one of them. Comin’ over here, takin’ yer stages. With the hope of creating a showcase, where it’s possible to show off the Scandinavian talent, I have created a comedy night with a Nordic theme. Every month I bring to you, a brilliant Scandinavian act and mix him or her up with other comedians. THIS JUNE we have the amazing Mr Brian Mørk – a Danish comedian with his own show (The Brian Mørk Show) in Denmark and countless TV appearances and one-man-shows behind him. We have had a little chat with him about being a Danish comedian performing in London, what he expects and what we should expect. Meet Mr. Mørk:

You are used to performing in Danish in Denmark. What do you expect will happen when you will perform in English in England?

People will hemorrhage from laughter no doubt. Or maybe I will experience how it feels to throw away a 12 year career to start anew in front of people who couldn’t care less about how much I’ve been on telly in a foreign land.

Any fears or speculations about how you are going to do it?

Actually yes. Quite a lot of fear. And a little terror. And angst. 2 things scare me the most. 1. The fact that I’ll be performing in front of audiences who aren’t the least bit impressed by who I am. For years I have been used to go on stage in front of people who knew what to expect. Who trusted in my ability to be funny. I’ll receive no such headstart in London. 2. I just know my excellent command of the english tongue will magically transform itself into childish gibberish the moment I go on stage. I don’t want people to laugh at my accent. Unless that is all they laugh at.

How will you prepare for the show? Translations, any jokes you’re not doing, etc.?

About 90% of my material translates poorly or not at all. So.

Could/would you consider moving to London and continuing your career here?

I have considered it quite a lot. The potentially much larger audience is a factor. A serious one. But alas, I have a career at home that pays the bills. Oh and also some children. Whom I like.

You have already done some comedy in English before – what attracts you about performing in english?

I discovered that I sometimes feel better on stage when performing in english. More relaxed. Wittier even. I don’t know why. Maybe because english is the perfect language for comedy? Maybe because theres more adrenaline rushing through my system? Or maybe I’m wrong.

Anything you’d like to say to the people coming to see you when you’re here?

Thank you! And also: Why on earth would you want to come see some bald guy from away, that you never heard of? Oh and also: Please be english. Naturally I will love to perform in front of all danish expats, but it defeats the idea of performing in english a tiny bit. What am I saying!? Danish expats COME SEE THE SHOW!!!

For just £5 you can come see Brian Mørk, alongside Swedish Evelyn Mok, South African Pierre Novellie (who studied vikings!), Canadian Bobby Mair and your host, Danish Sofie Hagen.

Nordic Bar, Newman Street, June 5th, 8pm start.


July’s show features Nick Helm, Adam Hess, Norwegian Daniel Simonsen and Richard Todd. To be kept updated, like ‘NORDIC BAR’  and ‘SOFIE HAGEN’ on Facebook or follow @SofieHagen on Twitter.

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