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| December 7, 2019

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Video Interview: Sofie Hagen Meets Hill & Weedon

Video Interview: Sofie Hagen Meets Hill & Weedon
Howard Gorman

Comedy Chords’ intrepid reporter Sofie Hagen met up with this year’s musical kings of comedy Hill & Weedon (Robin Hill and Theo Weedon). The comedy duo were crowned outright winners of the 2013 Musical Comedy Awards at the Bloomsbury Theatre thanks to their ten minute set boasting Oscar winning Jurassic impersonations and a song they wrote for none other than the Orcs from Lord of the Rings.

Weedon provides the straight faced guitarist side of the comedy duo whilst Hill puts in a somewhat more energetic side whilst providing lead vocals/dinosaur shrieks.

Being the duo that they are it was only natural that Sofie took it upon herself to find out who did indeed really win.

Keep up to date with the Hill & Weedon via their gig listings page as they prepare to head to a venue near you.

You can also follow their antics over on Twitter.

Enjoy the video below, shot and edited by Marcantonio Corrieri.

Special thanks to Hill and Weedon, Matthew Comras at Crying Duck Comedy and Pub Canal 125.

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