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| February 21, 2020

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Comedy Cues #2: David Quirk - Shaking Hands With Danger

Comedy Cues #2: David Quirk – Shaking Hands With Danger
Howard Gorman

[Image courtesy of Greg Stewart]

Many a Comedy Chord reader and many of our writers are budding comedians so, in the run up to the Edinburgh Fringe we shall be asking established comedians for tips of the trade that they have picked up on the circuit. We’ll be providing a series of these articles and hope all budding comedians find words of wisdom here or something that convinces them that it’s by no means time to throw in the towel.

We recently starting the ball rolling with comedienne Angela Barnes and now Australian comedian David Quirk provides his advice based on what he has learned having regularly performed on the Australian comedy circuit since 2006 with full length stand-up shows at the Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh comedy festivals. David is also a fixture on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow whilst having appeared on ABC TV’s Problems and supporting the brilliant Heath Franklin’s Chopper on tour. He also wrote and performed in the two hander play The Incident with 2011 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Sam Simmons.

We’ll leave you with what David has taken away with him since starting in the business…

“I think one thing I asked myself when I started to do comedy was “What comedy would I like to see done?”, and then I thought that I better do that, whatever it is. I wanted to see what happened when I made comedy, and have faith in it. So it could be said that I make the comedy for myself first and the audience second, and that sounds selfish, maybe, but if I’m not interested in it what I’m doing then I’m doomed. Another thing I tried to do was not listen to what people told me to do in regards to comedy. “

David will be performing his once man show Shaking Hands With Danger at The Cellar in the Pleasance Courtyard from the 31st of July to the 26th of August. Having just received the Piece of Wood Award at the Melbourne festival, the comedian’s choice award, this is certainly a show not to be missed. Audiences will be taken to to a night he will never forget in Finland that changed everything for him. Part tribute, part confessional, this is a love story in reverse with people getting hurt and cheaters changing their spots.

Be sure to book your tickets on the official Edinburgh Fringe website here.

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