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| December 7, 2019

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Comedy Cues #3: Howard Read – Hide and Speak

Comedy Cues #3: Howard Read – Hide and Speak
Howard Gorman

Further to David Quirk’s nifty comedy tips we now have a few words from Howard Read, quite possibly the first chap to use animation in live comedy and most certainly the first to get a cartoon boy burping in front of the HRH The Queen.

Howard will be taking his ‘one-man’ show Hide and Speak to at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Given his track record at this festival, having been nominated for a Perrier Award in 2003 followed up by his highly successful Comeback Special in 2005 this can’t be missed. His compeltely unique show will find him bringing animated characters to life who will then interact with a live audience. Combining his very own latest technology and unique brand of humour, Howard will be accompanied on stage by his various creations for what is sure to be an essential and individual comedy event. Eager to catch the show we asked Howard what he has learned in the comedy circuit particularly given his particularly unique approach. Here’s what he had to say.:

“Nothing teaches you about comedy like getting it wrong. When you stink out a room try to work out why the audience didn’t like you. Sometimes the answer is “because they’re ignorant bastards”, but more often it’s because you made a mistake. your mistake might have been shouting “you’re all ignorant bastards!” when they didn’t laugh at your first joke.”

Prior to the Edinburgh Fringe you can catch Howard performing various Adult and Kids shows throughout July. Check all details on his official website here.

Be sure to grab your Fringe tickets at the official Fringe site here.

We’ll leave you with one of Howard’s videos entitled God’s Message on the Resignation of the Pope which features characters from Hide and Speak.

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