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| December 15, 2019

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'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa' Exclusive New Trailer

‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ Exclusive New Trailer
Howard Gorman

ALAN PARTRIDGE: ALPHA PAPA, the highly anticipated Brit comedy film set for release this August has received it’s first FULL LENGTH trailer via MSN UK.

Steve Coogan finds himself comfortably back in the shoes of local radio DJ/talk show host extraordinaire Alan Partridge.

Already responsible for the death of a guest on live TV I think you’ll all agree that Alan has had more than his fair share of ordeals over the years. You ain’t seen nothing yet as Alpha Papa finds him having to overcome probably the greatest setback yet. With his radio station, North Norfolk Digital, being absorbed by new media conglomerate, Gordale Media, meaning mass lay offs a violent siege ensues. Alan is flung into the situation, finding himseld collaborating with the police to defuse a potentially deadly outcome.

Will Alan’s negotiation skills calm his infuriated colleague Pat Farrell? Will he prevent a deadly shoot out? Will Alan become a public hero or just another footnote in broadcasting history?

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa breaks into UK cinemas this August 7 2013, with I’m Alan Partridge favourites Lynn (Felicity Montagu), Geordie Bp garage worker Michael (Simon Greenall) and fellow DJ Dave Clifton (Phil Cornwell) reprising their roles.

Take a look at the latest trailer and do let us know what you think of the new footage.

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