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| February 21, 2020

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Comedy Cues #4: Terry Clement - DIN TIMES 8

Comedy Cues #4: Terry Clement – DIN TIMES 8
Howard Gorman

[Image courtesy of Zaiden]

Seconds out, round four of Comedy Chords’ Comedy Cues. Today our savvy advice for budding comedians comes from Canadian comedian Terry Clement, who will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time this year.

Already quite the cult figure at home in Canada, Terry tackles comedy from a psychedelic distance, combining elements of surrealism, dada and old school humour methods. Edinburgh audiences will be in for an hour of stand-up from a comedian with quite the penchent for pushing the boundaries of reality, taste and humour in a show which is as much a theatrical presentation as it is an actual stand-up show.

Terry’s approach to comedy has been described as a mixture of psychedelic performance art and Blue Collar observations strained through a Picasso filter and rolled onto a Gysin Canvas. Clearly, you’re going to have to just go to the show to see what we mean by that.

The comedian’s first ever Fringe show, Din Times 8, combines scary, silly and almost always hallucinatory moments whilst transcending traditional thinking and pricking the audience’s sense of reality. Despite only now popping his Edinburgh Fringe comedy cherry, Terry is no newcomer to the world of festivals having performed at the Cape Town Comedy Festival in South Africa, a plethora of music festivals, as well as appearing on The World Stands Up (Comedy Central). If that’s not enough for you, he has also been nominated for the coveted  Canadian Comedy Award and a COCA Comedy Artist of the Year award.

Anyway, here’s that advice we promised you. It’s what Terry has christened The Chris Quinn Method:


One of the most mind blowing “are you fucking kidding me?” moments I have had as a comedian came when I was a young comic clawing my way up the ranks of the Toronto comedy scene.

The manager of the Yuk Yuk’s in Toronto would offer advice to up and coming comics.  I know that many comics will never listen to a “non-com” but Chris (the manager) gave me a piece of advice that I thought was wonderful and have used many times, passed around etc.

THE METHOD:  You film yourself performing.  Then you watch the resulting footage on mute but also in fast forward.  Simple as that.

HOW IT WORKS:  In fast forward, you will notice any subtle physical “tick” you might have but are not aware of.  For me, I had long hair at the time and I noticed that after every joke I seemed to move the hair behind my ear.  I would have never noticed this annoying habit without the fast forward effect.

Don’t steal from other comedians, tape your sets when you can, be nice to people (comics and non-coms) and TRY.

We’d like to say a massive thanks to Terry who you can follow at any of the links below:  / Twitter: @terryclement / Instagram: @terryclement

You can catch him at Edinburgh at the following venue and dates:

VENUE: Iron Belly – Underbelly, 56 Cowgate, EH1 1EG

TIME: 8:05pm

DATES & PRICES: Previews: 1st-2nd August @ £6

3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 13th-15th, 19th-22nd August @ £10 / £8

5th, 6th, 9th-11th, 16th-18th, 23rd-25th August @ £11 / £10

All tickets can be purchased on the following number or website:  0844 545 8252 /

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