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| January 27, 2020

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About Us

Welcome to Comedy Chords, a vast online reference devoted to the world of British comedy, music, film and television. Originally founded by Howard Gorman in March of 2012 as the general entertainment site, PPSF, the all new site has been streamlined to provide more in-depth content for fans. Written in conjunction with comedians, musicians and film makers alike, our team of avid contributors will endeavour to bring you cutting edge comedy, music, film and television news, reviews, interviews and listings.

Stand-up/Live music listings

Our priority is to keep up-to-date information on all the live gigs we know of. The site is constantly updated, and our aim is to put any information supplied to us on the site as soon as is humanly possible.

To submit listings information, email us here.


Comedians’ profile pages are added at Comedy Chord’s discretion. All biographies will be edited by Comedy Chords although they will be based on official information supplied by the act or their agent.


Musicians’ profile pages are added at Comedy Chord’s discretion. All biographies will be edited by Comedy Chords although they will be based on official information supplied by the act or their agent.

Championing Fresh Music and Comedy

Comedy Chords believes that our readers want the best new music and comedy and they want to experience it first. Collaborating with both music and comedy promoters as well as unsigned bands and comedians we hope to deliver like no other website can, connecting performers to new and wider audiences.

To help us with this endeavour we are constantly on the look out for budding contributors so should you feel the urge to put finger to keyboard to write something for us please visit the COLLABORATE section.

Should you have any queries regarding Comedy Chords please fill out the form in the Contact section.

Meet The Comedy Chords Team

  Howard Gorman (Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Features Editor)@howardgormanFounder of Comedy Chords in 2013, Howard previously ran and also currently writes for a number of popular online publications including: Consequence of Sound, MusicOMH, Fresh on the Net (created by BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson), Lyric Lounge Review and Faded Glamour. Most recently he can also be found blogging for The Huffington Post.



  Billy Watson (Co-Editor)@billywatsontv Billy discovered Bill Hicks and thought comedy could be his vehicle to rant against the injustices of the world and help others see the truth that he so obviously knew inside out because he had read a couple of David Icke books. He put on his first one man show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002 and did get a three star review, so I couldn’t have been that bad. In 2006 he created a character called Nob Stewart, and performed as him in the festival that year. Billy also has an Antalya Living website to promoteAntalyato British people in the hope that he would be able to sell some property through its sister website that he has called Antalya Property, so that he could earn a living. He also likes to make videos of his friends performing and does the odd interview as well.


  Simon Beckwith (Music and Comedy Editor)@Si_BeckwithSimon is a currently a Newcastle based stand-up comedian and writer with a nerd like interest in literature/music/film/television. He currently manages The Broken Mic Comedy nights in Newcastle.





  Hayley Kilhams (Head Music Correspondent)@Red150 Music lover and Vinyl Collector. Based in the Brighton area and always searching out new bands and can be found at the back of any gig. Following any recommendations because you never know what you’re going to find. To pass the time she writes comedy, plays and is currently attempting her first novel. She can be found wandering the downs with her errantLabradoror listening to her 1957 HMV Record Player ‘Henri’.



  Park Bench (Video and Podcast Development Coordinator)@dognabbitWould-be comedian. Would-be engineer. Not to be confused with a Would-be Wood be.First appearing on PPSF on the Dot Comedy Spot, Park has gone on to develop various projects for PPSF/Comedy Chords: Newsleak (a news satire show recorded twice a month) and the upcoming Newsleak “In Your Shoes” podcast.Special mention must be made of fellow comedians Rigid Bones, Paul Hennell, Michael Monkhouse, Stuart Ferrol and Howard Gorman all playing important roles in the development of the Comedy Chords video and podcast productions.


  Andy D Chambers (Comedy and Music Features Editor)@AndyChambersNE1Andy is a North East Comedian, Screenwriter, Comedy Promoter, Radio Presenter and Zombie Fanatic.He can currently be heard as resident DJ on Newcastle’s Koast radio with his own weekly radio show ‘The Lowdown’.

Entertainment Editorial Team



Jessy Williams – 21 year-old Film Studies student at Portsmouth University, Queen of procrastination and Breaking Bad enthusiast. I love all kinds of films and hope one day someone will pay me to write about them. @JessyCritical


Kate Walker – Just a Geordie, saying as if she knows. Studying in Edinburgh, reviewing music, living life. @k_walker15


Stuart Ferrol – Stuart is a writer, actor, comedian and freelance journalist from Northumberland. When he is not being himself he is sometimes known as Suttar Rerlof. @suttar_rerlof


Emma Louise Obank – Emma is a modern languages student at Sheffield University and for the past few years has performed improvised comedy with the award winning Shrimps. This year Emma produced the Sheffield Student Comedy Festival, and also worked as part of the 2012 review team at Three Weeks Magazine. Currently working in France, Emma looks forward to her winter internship with the BBC. @Elouise91


Ashley Norris – I’m a twenty year-old film-lover, full-time procrastinator and rambler. There’s too little time to accomplish everything. Follow me on Twitter @ashleyrhys for more.


Rob Glen – 23 year old Window Cleaner and aspiring Comedian. Rob has a keen eye for film and comedy. He also enjoys music but is completely tone deaf. “Rob is a born preformer”- Rob’s Grandma. Follow @robglen on Twitter


Rick Murtagh – Stand up comedian, sketch writer and interviewer. Shared the stage with acts such as Tom Rosenthal and Dave Whitney. @rickstandup


Andy Price – Music, culture, and food writer. Long-term reviewer, musician and all-round miscreant. Likes fuzzy guitars, a high quality dark rum, andOxford commas. @andyy_p


Fred Fletch – Just a man, with a man’s courage. Just a man who can never fail. Only the pure of heart can watch all 4 Iron Eagle movies. And enjoy every Iron-Eagle minute of them. 80′s as fuck. @FRED_FLETCH


Jake Taylor – Jake is a budding writer of all forms, be it music, comedy, journalistic or novel. He currently has many projects on the go and is educated in film production. His main interests are world cinema, biographical and non-fiction writings and music in which he wishes to pursue a career. He also enjoys cooking and collecting t-shirts.


Aicha Marhfour – Occasional law student, currently reviews music and games. I was raised by a television & a helpful handful of DVDs and try to recapture cherished childhood memories by writing about them. I’ll eat anything for a byline. @aichamarhfour


Ali Raza Nour – Movie critic, Screenwriter and Batman fanatic.


Guest Blog Authors:


Mel Crosby:

Mel Crosby writes for satirical/spoof news website and can be found performing stand up pretty much anywhere that will have him.

You can find more details, videos and an upcoming gig list at or you can follow Mel on twitter @melccrosby.


Matt Holmes:

Matt has been performing stand-up for eighteen months after joining De Montfort University’s comedy society. He recently won the Peterborough Willow Festival comedy competition and reached the semi final of the Chortle Student Comedy Awards. He has performed at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can catch him at this years fringe festival performing in ‘Gagging for Attention’ at Just the Tonic, the Caves @GagForAttention

Should any of you be kind enough to want to link to us or write about us in any way please do get in touch so that we can provide some comedy chords logos you may wish to use.


For all advertising enquiries please contact us using our contact form.