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| February 19, 2020

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Video Interview: Dan Mazer Talks ‘I Give It A Year’

June 3, 2013 |

Whenever the works Booyakasha or Jak sie masz are muttered you automatically think Sasha Baron Cohen but lest not we forget the other mastermind behind these comic creations, Dan Mazer. I Give it a Year marks the long-standing Sasha Baron Cohen cohort’s directorial debut of a screenplay he also wrote. Boasting a massive all-star cast the film proves just how much more humour can be squeezed out of decaying relationships compared to the oh so routine lovey dovey film affairs we so often have to endure.

Our sister site, Cinema Sauce, spoke to Mazer in the run up to the DVD release. The film launches today on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download featuring deleted scenes, audio commentaries, bloopers and out-takes and featurettes from the world premiere.

The Green Room Podcast – S04E03

April 26, 2013 |

Today’s Green Room Podcast features Doc Brown talking about how he ended up walking down ‘Equality Street’ with Mr. David Brent. As always there be some more prank phone calls, with snippets of Tony Hendriks giving Barry Castagnola the big come on. Not only that by Tony gets a call too, from himself. Will he catch on that he is in fact talking to his double? Does that even make any sense at all? Stand-up comedy is provided by PHIL WALKER together with some music from PAUL THORNE, and GERRY K will be answering a few deep down and personal questions and playing ‘The Drunk Girl Game Show’. Read More


April 9, 2013 |

This week sees the final epsiode of the first series of John Dredge’s Nothing To Do With Anything Show. Today’s indie comedy special includes the brand new single by Fractious Nit and a chat with pop twinnock Rex Twix.

The music mayhem continues with Madonna and Morrissey (shown above wearing masks of each other in a jolly little jape) arguing in the kitchen, and there’s another mention of New Malden and the odd uncanny reference to….. steam engines.

Not only that but John is still on the look out for people to take part in the Get in the Sideboard with a Crazed Lion feature, so do get in touch. Read More

Retweet After Me – Maggie’s Final Furlong

April 8, 2013 |

Retweet After Me – 25/03/2013

This weekend witnessed the first Grand National since the horsemeat scandal so not surprisingly Twitter was awash with Parker and Parker jokes…

Despite a mad Tsunami of Thatcher jokes today we felt it best to end with a simple tweet about a priceless news headline misprint.

Here’s who and what made us laugh in 140 characters or less this weekend:

Sofie Hagen’s Comedy Crush #1 Damian Clark

April 7, 2013 |

Damian Clark is an Australian stand-up comedian who supported Kevin Bridges on his latest tour. Damian prefers tea over coffee, brunettes over blondes (good choice, Dam-o!), summer over winter and he thinks that nothing beats a good night of relaxation on the couch. He’s an all-round good guy. Read More


April 2, 2013 |

Today’s John Dredge show features an exclusive interview which we can’t really reveal as we’ve forgotten who it was with.

Celebrated non-Frinton-based actress Anna Emerson will also be putting in a word or two, and this’s weeks special guest star Reg Chimpolomew will be doing very little at all really.

If that wasn’t enough we’ll be relating the the ongoing adventures of Basil the Cylinder, the answers to last week’s holdall-based quiz, and a whole host of absolutely amazing things which have also completely slipped our minds. Read More

Mat Ricardo – “If you want instant money, go buy a uni-cycle and a chainsaw. Light that on fire and play some music.”

March 30, 2013 |

A few hours before the second of Mat Ricardo’s Variety Shows takes place at Leicester Square Theatre, we meet up with him at a hotel, that used to be an old courthouse.

“You are sitting in the original cell. Nothing has changed, just the cushions.” a waitress tells us.

“And the table for the drinks, obviously.” Ricardo laughs to the still-straight-faced waitress.

“It is not that long ago. Mick Jagger was here and he is still alive.” she says.

“Yes. Well, that’s debatable.” says Mat, who is dressed exactly the way you would expect a professional gentleman juggler to be dressed: Like a gentleman. He looks the furthest possible from someone who ought to be in jail. Read More


March 26, 2013 |

This week provides not only the sounds of a combine harvester but also a specially-built giant catapult.

The guests on the show include acclaimed actors Greg Haiste and Anna Worthington, and the less acclaimed Crazy Eric and Leonard Aircraft.

If that wasn’t enough there also extensive information about shoe shop logistics, and a special feature on the topic of bark.

Plus: will the gasman get round to reading the meter in time?

As a special gift this week, the show provides a free hat stand for all your hat standing needs. How lucky you are. Read More

Retweet After Me – The Scent of Champs to Nipple Clamps

March 25, 2013 |

Retweet After Me – 25/03/2013

Twitter is so addictive kids are starting to drop out of school to focus on it apparently. Lucky for us that means more funny tweets to choose from.

In the news this weekend, BBC Television Centre is closing its doors after all of 53 years, to be turned into a hotel, flats, a cinema and office space. Tweeps are going to miss the place by the sounds of it, or are they?

Finally, it’s been snowing again and Twitter has become the more than unseful weather app. Despite the bad weather @ParkBench has great tip get your car started, providing your partner is that way inclined of course.

Here’s who and what made us laugh in 140 characters or less this weekend:

You can follow us on Twitter @comedychords which is the account we’ll be using to choose our favourite tweets each and every weekend.

Newsleak – Apologies for the Interference

March 24, 2013 |

Dave Storrey is back to present an all new episode of News Leak. This week’s scoops includea Cypriat with a possible perfect solution to the scandal whilst we also provide our very own budget calculator. Talking of advice. Gordon Bleu as some savvy advice for the Cafe Too Lait restaurant whilst Ray Tings gives us the low down of the best of this week’s TV.

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