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| September 23, 2019

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Jimi Hendrix

Pete Hammerton – The Other Road, Less Travelled.

March 31, 2013 |

To those of us that never saw the heady, creative Utopia of the sixties, it is difficult to imagine such an evolution of thought and ideas being packed into a decade. With the birth of relevant music and experimental sounds, it appears a musical camaraderie existed that is still reminisced, appreciated and held with reverence today. New conceptions of fashion, music, art were burning bridges with the more conservative decades that had come before. A rebellion of rock n roll and sexual freedom were sweeping the new generations. Civil rights actions, protest and American influence were crossing the Atlantic and being embraced by the younger population hungry for change. Political scandals were rocking London and more liberal values were creating an open society. In the heart of it, Soho represented an undiluted music scene. One of Brian Epstein’s last signed acts “The Others” were making their way through this musical shift and I sat down with their lead guitarist Pete Hammerton for part one of an interview  to talk galloping guitarists, cheap venues, life in Soho and the force of nature that was Jimi Hendrix…………….. Read More