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| September 23, 2019

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Ricky Gervais

Colin Hoult/Bryan Medici Interview: Medici and The Holy Trinity Outtakes to Feature Heavily as DVD Extras

April 5, 2013 |

Colin Hoult has the amazing ability of swiching from one comedic character to another in the blink of an eyelid. Although famous for a plethora of personas, one that has gained him a great deal of critical acclaim recently was his hilarious portrayal of Warwick Davis’ spiritual adviser, Bryan Medici. Read More

Shaun Williamson – “We’ll see how people receive the special and take it from there.”

March 30, 2013 |

Shaun Williamson was a postie, worked on a supermarket wines and spirits aisle before breaking into the entertainment business. Most remember him as the lovable yet hapless Barry Evan’s in EastEnders who met his fate a decade ago. Other television roles have included the likes of the detective series Inspector Morse and the BBC sitcom Waiting for God but what flung him back into the limelight was his appearance as a washed out, unemployable version of himself in the BBC sitcom Extras. His role on Extra’s certainly won Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant over as they asked him to recur his role in their follow-up series Life’s Too Short with Warwick Davis. Tonight sees Shaun back on our screens again, this time accompanied by the other two members of the “Twat Pack” so laughs are guaranteed. Here’s what Shaun had to say about his hopes and expectations for the Easter Special and beyond. Read More

Break a Leg Cheggers! Keith Chegwin Talks the Life’s Too Short Special

March 28, 2013 |

Keith Chegwin broke into the entertainment business at a ripe young age as an actor in the Sixties swiftly going on to make quite the name for himself with appearances on the cult shows Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, Cheggers Plays Pop and Saturday Superstore. From there the larger than life presenter turned his hand to the role of roving reporter for the likes of The Big Breakfast and GMTV. He’s certainly earnt his status as a cult hero and as I chatted with him it was more than clear he is so appreciative of being considered as such. It was not surprising that Keith then went on to get an out of the blue phone call from Ricky Gervais to appear on the shows Extras and Life’s Too Short, as well as most recently competing in Dancing On Ice. Now Keith’s back with the “All Star Funtime Trio” for a Life’s Too Short Special where it appears we’ll be getting a ‘double’ helping of Keith Chegwin… Read More

Les Dennis had an All Star Funtime Filming the Life’s Too Short Special

March 27, 2013 | 1

Les Dennis became a household name with his comedy impersonations and TV work on shows such as Russ Abbott’s Mad House and of course his 16 year stint presenting Family Fortunes. Whilst many thought the series Extras was his first real acting role this couldn’t be farther from the truth as he has spent many years slowly adding feathers to his acting cap, performing in television, theatre and musical theatre. Read More

Life’s Too Short Special – First of Three Teaser Videos

March 21, 2013 |

Following yesterday’s confirmation of the date and time of BBC Two’s Life’s To Short Easter Special (Saturday 30 March, 10pm) an exclusive video was posted this morning on the BBC’s official website.

Ricky Gervais introduces us to this one-off special and the cult stars and there’s a special clip showing us that Shaun Williamson, Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis could very well have a singing career ahead of them.

There will be a further two exclusive teaser clips release next week prior to the show.


Life’s Too Short Special Details and Images

March 20, 2013 |

Warwick Davis is set to return to our screens for a one-hour special of the sitcom Life’s Too Short, written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

This one-off episode finds Warwick’s life running smoothly at the helm of Dwarves For Hire when his old friend Val Kilmer pays him a visit to brainstorm the idea of a Willow sequel, which ultimately comes at a cost. Now having to find money to fund the projhect, Warwick holds an investment seminar and manages to rope in none other than Keith Chegwin, Les Dennis and Shaun Williamson to put on a cabaret show, The All Star Funtime Roadshow, to tour the pubs and clubs. It looks like we’ll be witnessing a version of Family Fortunes like no other. With the helping hand of his accountant, spiritual leader and ex-wife, and old friends Ricky and Stephen, Warwick will be have the weight of the world on his shoulders as he has to juggle his agency clients, the roadshow and Val Kilmer’s vision of filming the highly anticipated Willow sequel.

The BBC have now released a series of exclusive images and the broadcast date has been confirmed for us by Cheggers Plays Pop himself:


David Brent is Back For Some Comic Relief

February 28, 2013 |

David Brent will be back in March as Ricky Gervais has decided it’s time to revisit his first big comedy creation for this year’s Comic Relief.

With the first episode airing back in July, 2001, it been more than a decade since Gervais’ “The Office” first appeared on our screens. At long last a brand new trailer has been unleashed (after an Ali G style teaser yesterday) showing David Brent discussing his life since the show began. As was the case back then, he’s ‘adeptly’ combining his sales rep skills with those of a music mogul to comedic effect.

Fans of the ‘comedian, rapper and bloody good entertainer’ Doc Brown (also appearing in an episode of Derek) will enjoy his special guest appearance in the sketch here with Brent demoing his political reggae song ‘Equality Street’.

Gervais commented that Brent is has taken up “passing on his wisdom to younger would-be rock stars now and is living vicariously through a young performer, Dom Johnson.”

It’s been a long time coming but the Wernham–Hogg paper merchants middle-manager is back this Red Nose Day, Friday March 15.

Gervais’ is also hard at work filming for the new Muppets movie and in case any of you missed the video we posted up on our Choice Picks Playlist here he is with Pepe on the set of ‘The Muppets…Again!’

Kerry Godliman: From Drama School to Derek

January 18, 2013 |

2013 is to be set to be another great year for British Television. At the end of January when everyone tires of bidding friends and colleagues a Happy New Year, Ricky Gervais’ ‘Derek’ will be returning to our screens for its much anticipated full first series. The pilot was first broadcast in 2012 and was welcomed by over 3 million viewers in the UK. The series is both written by and stars Ricky Gervais who has previously had us peeing ourselves with laughter at television hits such as ‘Extras’ and ‘The Office’. ‘Derek’ also stars Ricky’s best mate Karl Pilkington (An Idiot Abroad), as well as Kerry Godliman (Live At The Apollo) and David Earl (Extras).

This week Comedy Chords sat down with Kerry to chat about her role as Hannah in the upcoming series that is sure to be yet another success for Ricky Gervais. Kerry plays a lonely singleton carer with a heart of gold. Kerry is no stranger to the comedy scene having regularly performed as a stand-up as well as dabbling in a bit of comedy radio. Kerry talks to us about Ricky’s farting antics, cracking up on set and how she went from being a drama school student to performing on the big screen as a female stand-up. Read More

Interview: On the Gaming Couch with Stephen Merchant

May 1, 2012 | 3
The vast majority of you will be more than familiar with Stephen Merchant from his roles in the series Extras and Life’s Too Short, as well as appearances in major movies such as Hall Pass, and providing his voice for the animated feature Gnomeo and Juliet. He even had a tiny cameo in the series, 24 as a CTU staffer with Chloe O’Brian. In the gaming world you are probably more familiar with him for his role as Wheatley in the game Portal 2 for which he won the award for ‘Best Performance by a Human Male’ at the 2011 VIDEO GAME AWARDS as well as the Outstanding Character Performance Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.
You can currently see/hear him in the Ricky Gervais’ show on HBO, now in its third season.
A massive thank you to Stephen then for taking out a moment of his busy schedule to take a seat on the gaming couch with PPSF.
When Valve offered you the part as Wheatley in Portal 2, did you have any idea what you were getting yourself into?
No idea. I had done voices for animated movies and had fun, so I presumed it would be a natural extension of that. It was actually much harder because it was essentially one long, relentless monologue. And unlike a movie, you have to record hundreds of alternative lines for when the player goes wandering off or gets lost or stuck. It was exhausting. I was in a recording booth shouting down imaginary corridors for hours at a time.
When you won the Outstanding Character Performance Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and the Best Performance by a Human Male for the Spike Video Game Awards what was your reaction?
I always like being honored for my work. It means people respond to what you do. I was also nominated for a British BAFTA Video Game award but lost to Mark Hamill.  Fucking Jedis!
Obviously, as you were unaware of the game, how on earth were you able to prepare for such a role? Particularly given you have said that you found it extremely complex from turning from “lovably hopeless, to sort of hopelessly evil”.
The guys from Valve were great and very supportive. They had a clear vision so they gave me plenty of direction and guidance and I quickly got in tune with what they were after. One of my comedy film heroes is Bob Hope and his on screen persona was a sort of fast-talking coward. So that’s what I was emulating in Portal 2.
What input did Valve provide you to get you up to speed?
Valve had written a strong script, with lots of funny stuff throughout, and they showed me character pictures and test sections of the game, so I had a clear vision of the Portal world when we started. They let me improvise a lot, which is one of the luxuries of something like this. You can try many many different takes because unlike when you make a film you don’t have hundreds of people stood round, all being paid, watching you shout stupid stuff that will never get used. It’s just me on my own in a recording booth.
A recent survey showed that video games actually managed to rake in more than blockbuster movies in 2011. This is serious big business now. If you were ever asked to return as Wheatley in say a sequel, or an animated film/series would you jump at the chance?
I would certainly consider it. I have to admit I had no idea how crazily popular the game would be. So many fans have told me how much they enjoyed Wheatley, which is very gratifying because I did work hard with Valve to make him funny but also characterful. Given that he’s basically a blinking robotic eye, we must have done something right.  
You, Ricky and Karl are in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most downloaded podcast of all time with an astounding 280,000,000 downloads. What did you think when HBO decided to turn those into an animated series? Did you think there was really a need to do such a thing?
Despite the world record, there are millions of people who had never heard Karl’s ramblings. Fans had done their own animated versions of bits of our conversations for YouTube, so we knew it was something that added a new dimension, and I don’t think you can argue with how inventive the animators are. They have really brought new life to those chats, and attracted new Karl fans.
You also released a Live DVD last year: Stephen Merchant Live: Hello Ladies. A lot of people kind of assumed you had just jumped on the band wagon on the trail of Ricky Gervais’ successful stand up, but I hear you had been doing stand up well before you met him. Back in 2001 you, Ricky, Jimmy Carr and Robin Ince joined forces for a show called Rubbernecker at the Edinburgh Festival. Why is it then that you only decided to release a DVD last year?
I did stand-up after I left university. I gigged regularly but once The Office took off I just stopped. I didn’t get enough of a kick from performing to warrant driving up and down the motorway to gigs, eating bad food in service stations at midnight. I used to look at Ricky doing stand-up and think, ‘Why’s he bothering? It’s so much effort.’ Then I just woke up one day and I had the itch again. I felt I’d never really nailed it. So I started doing five minute slots in comedy clubs and eventually put an entire show together. When you work in TV you get very insulated. Stand-up is so raw and direct, there’s nowhere to hide. It reminds you how hard it is to make people laugh – and hopefully the experience feeds back into everything else I do.
Life’s Too Short has been more than well received. Is there any chance we’ll get to see you doing more of that show or do you have something else in store for us?
I think we’ll probably do more, perhaps a one-off special, but I’m not sure when you’ll see it yet.
Finally, if you had the chance to create your very own game, what would you create and what would you call it?
You just said video games are a billion dollar industry, so if I had a good idea for a game, why on earth would I tell you what it is?
A big thanks to Stephen.
Don’t forget, he currently has his live DVD “Hello Ladies” available form all top retailers.
I wont sell that though. I’ll leave that to Steve himself.

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