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| September 23, 2019

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Jack The Giant Slayer – Six Exclusive Clips

March 16, 2013 |

Jack the Giant Slayer,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bryan Singer (“The Usual Suspects,” “Superman Returns”) and starring Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men: First Class”) gets its UK release this Friday, 22nd of March with six exclusive clips just released to whet our appetites. Read More

Stewart Francis: Sitcoms, Chat Shows and Crackerjack Cameos

March 15, 2013 |

Stewart Francis has been all over the news lately regarding a new sitcom he is writing so naturally this was out next question for him. He is quietly optimistic and can see it in his mind’s eye on the television. For him, the hardest task involves getting a production company into the picture simply given the sheer quantity of scripts they have to sift through before picking up the ones they think will be a hit although he does imply that some higher profile comedians can cut out the middleman. Read More

Stewart Francis Interview – “My career has come full circle.”

March 12, 2013 |

Stewart Francis‘ rapid rise to fame owes to several factors. Being funny always helps and Stewart’s sense of humour is hard to rival on today’s comedy circuit but what really rocketed him to household name status was his arrival on these shores when the UK stand-up scene was experiencing something of a boom. Comedy venues were raking it in and shows like ‘Live at the Apollo’ and ‘Mock the Week’ were bringing acts to the public eye that might have otherwise flown inconspicuously under the radar.

Now such a highly sought after act, we spoke to Stewart to find out where it all began. Unsurprisingly, he set foot in the entertainment world as a cartoonist but, after sending his cartoons out, he gave it up as a bad job as he couldn’t handle all the sadness of rejection in his life. This was the turning point when he realised it was time to fall back on plan B, stand-up, back in 1989, which is what he’s been doing ever since. Read More

Lloyd Langford interview: “I don’t really believe dogs are more intelligent than babies.”

March 7, 2013 | 1

Most well-known for his work with superstar-comedian and fellow Welshman Rhod Gilbert, stepping out of this man’s shadow would always prove an interesting journey – but Lloyd Langford is going for it, with his first solo stand-up tour. Read More

Jimeoin Interview: “I could almost do an entire show on eyebrows.”

March 1, 2013 |

Jimeoin fans will be well aware of his particularly singular breed of comedy and unwonted skill for turning the seemingly mundane into something of a revelation. His uncanny with has thrust him into the limelight, making him the highly sought comedian he is today all around the world. Boasting a severely long list of TV credits you will more likely than not have seen him on the likes of Just For Laughs, Good News Week, Live at the Apollo and a plethora more. We don’t know how he managed to fit us in but he did and we had a good old chinwag with the chap… Read More

Trailer Park Boys Discuss Their Community Service Variety Show

February 13, 2013 |

Trailer Park Boys took its first breath in the form of a black and white movie  “mockumenting” the booze fuelled shennanigans of Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s trashy occupants in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Although initially turned down by The Comedy Network, in next to no time the show rocketed to Canadian cult status with the misfortunes and sui generis capers of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles successfully residing on Showcase for a walloping seven-season run. Read More

Movie Review: The Fall of the Essex Boys

February 1, 2013 |

The Fall of the Essex Boys takes us back to Rettingdon for another take on the triple murder of drug dealers. It may sound very familiar but, for once, it isn’t. It isn’t a standard British gangster flick that glamorises the murderers, the drug lords, the psychopaths, but instead shows them in the light they truly deserve, showing you the dark, dirty-handed ways that they didn’t even think was wrong nor care about. They were dirty psychopaths that would injure, hurt or kill anyone to get what they wanted without even a hesitation. A generation so disturbing that one of them stabs a man for flirting with his girlfriend. A truly scary look into the thoughts of some of the most messed up people that could roam around freely, causing as much havoc as possible. Read More


January 24, 2013 |

James Acaster, Kettering’s finest export, embarks on an extensive UK tour starting tomorrow, Friday 25th January. He’ll be taking his Fosters award nominated second solo show ‘Prompt’. Commencing at Exeter’s The Bike Shed to every nook and cranny of the UK right up until the 29th March at The Lowry Studio in Salford Quays. Acaster prepares to have everyone laughing over 15 dates, including three nights at The Soho Theatre from 31st January to 2nd February. What to expect? He’ll be sharing his unique thoughts  on bread research, the Kettering football chant, the Loch Ness Monster and stealing wooden ducks… Read More

May I Kill U? Star Hayley-Marie Axe Reveals All

January 11, 2013 |

In today’s new cinema release, we chat to Hayley-Marie Axe who plays Val in new British black-comedy ‘May I Kill U?’ Although you may not have seen her on the screen that much as she’s mostly been in theatre, keep watching an actress who has tipped to be an up-and-comer with an insatiable love of acting. Hayley-Marie is also a virally successful actress in a few online web shows that have proven to be quite successful in America which is a clever way to globalise herself. Read More

Daniel Sloss: Just Fucking Buy It And Get Naked

January 3, 2013 |

He’s the face of Edinburgh buses during the Fringe, and has already achieved more than the average 22 year old; having appeared on British TV comedy classics such as ‘Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road Show’ and ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’. With another successful Fringe run under his belt, and an upcoming 50 date UK tour, I chatted to loveable Scotsman, Daniel Sloss. Read More